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New Ten Thence “New Electronic Dance-Hot Album”

Publication: 7.04.2017



“Infinite Distances” – Once heart never forgotten.
The idea for this album came after the surprising of the very good dance chart placement in Netherlands
of the musical track "Trace of Life".

With "Infinite Distances" a whole album follows, which takes the basic idea as a basis for the musical design of Trace of Life.

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Here you’ll find some information about my work and publicized products.
“Shympulz Musikkreationen” is a (arts) net label.

Two main Art – lines:

-         Shympulz [:Sympulz: speak without the “h” – the “h” letter is only a gimmick]

-         Ten Thence.

On both you’ll find interesting, fascinated and sometimes very unique music. The focus is that the produced music touches your body and soul, and I hope you’ll get sometimes needless in your pins – for dancing on your party or wherever…

There exists much instrumental music for movie productions.

If you need some new productions for films, DVD, Merchandising, Promotion, please contact me.

Genre(s): Pop, Electro Pop, IDM, Dub Step, Chill Out, Ambient, Trance, Techno, Electro, House, Dance, Jazz, Modern Classic, Instrumental, World music, Movie music, sometimes Hip Hop and Rock, individual and experimental music.       

Publication at many online stores around the planet.  


New Shympulz Maxi Single  “Drei Viertel”

Publication: 28.04.2017



Wie wäre es im Club einmal zu drei Viertel Takt Club Musik zu tanzen?

Ja genau - und welcher Sound - genauso - kräftige Club Beats und Percussion und jede Menge anderer Synthesizer Sounds vereint mit klassischen Instrumenten.

So stelle ich mir 3/4 Takt Musik für den Club und andere angesagte Tanzveranstaltungen vor. Jetzt ist Schluss mit den ewig bekannten Hochzeit Walzer, wie wäre es mit einer absoluten und einmaligen Shympulz 3/4 Takt Produktion.

Mit dieser ersten Auskoppelung aus meinem neuen Album "Access into Future" erscheint ein neues Nischenprodukt, das mir so zumindest noch nicht bekannt ist.

Club 3/4 das ist jetzt angesagt und könnte ein Tanzflächenfeger werden.

Damit es auch gleich so richtig interessant wird, sind gleich 2 3/4 Takt Produktionen mit am Start. Der Titel Sommerwalzer hat sehr viel House Klänge mit drin, und auf meinem neuen Album ist noch ein 3er der noch interessanter ist.

Viel Spaß damit

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Shympulz new Electronica Dribble (3 CD-Album)

Publication: 10.03.2017




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Full Pull into 2017 – amazing and unique – pure “Shympulz Style”


Special highlights: ¾ tact club dance sounds, New Disco, Oxygen Fields 0-12, Thorium and Schwerelos (Gedicht).


Ten Thence – publication 24.02.2017



New Disco is back:
This is my next dancefloor burner in my typical style with Hugh vocoder voice.

Enjoy it.

Enigma – publication 10.02.2017



Decoupling out from Vitality Visions Vol.5


To all Enigma Fans in the world – suitable ambient and chill out sound.

Enigma is a spectacular and fascinating history. Invented by Arthus Scherbius and after his death, 1929 sold to the German military as a large customer project. Enigma was already deciphered in 1932 by Polish mathematicians. In the Second World War the German Enigma radio traffic was supervised by the British in the large Bletchley Park by 9000 employees and largely decrypted. Enigma - under collectors much sought and highly paid, Enigma continues to exert a great fascination.


Vitality Visions Vol.5 - publication 1.12.2016



A musical world travel without time and space limitation - cosmopolitan and with joy and deepness created.

With this fifth album, with my sound visions, I transform you into an enchanting and unique Shympulz sound world that combines dance sounds with Far Eastern and Oriental sounds into a brilliant, masterful instrumental work. Slower and faster compositions, in different musical genres, form a very special contrast. Some titles are very suitable for Bollywood films.

Have fun and enjoy this amazing double album.




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