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With "Morning Mood" appears a completely different and idiosyncratic sound art of mine, in which I have partly taken experimental ways in the production. This production once again opposes the mainstream - and makes room for new ones.

On the one hand, pop / rock elements meet a trance and combine to form an overall harmonic overall picture and conjure up a completely independent chill out sound with a great atmosphere that can also be used to dance. “Shympulz style with impressive sound atmospheres in pure instrumental garb.”

Very expressive is this music set in scene. Just as I was lucky, to be able to take this cover picture in the morning with my camera. A perfect moment that created this music.

Publication 04.05.2018

Publication presales iTunes End of April 2018


Visitors are the next dance trance production in the style as my iTunes top chart product “Trace of Life.”

Fantastic arps, pads and massive saws draw a colorfully science fiction sound with 80’ths touch.

(Incl. text - vocoder voices)
Publication 7.04.2018 iTunes presale/13.04.2018



Here you’ll find some information about my work and publicized products.
“Shympulz Musikkreationen” is a (arts) net label.

Two main Art – lines:

-         Shympulz [:Sympulz: speak without the “h” – the “h” letter is only a gimmick]

-         Ten Thence.

On both you’ll find interesting, fascinated and sometimes very unique music. The focus is that the produced music touches your body and soul, and I hope you’ll get sometimes needless in your pins – for dancing on your party or wherever…

There exists much instrumental music for movie productions.

If you need some new productions for films, DVD, Merchandising, Promotion, or a high end digital mastering for your product, please contact me.

Genre(s): Pop, Electro Pop, IDM, Dub Step, Chill Out, Ambient, Trance, Techno, Electro, House, Dance, Jazz, Modern Classic, Instrumental, World music, Movie music, sometimes Hip Hop and Rock, individual and experimental music.     

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